At what age should you stop having birthday parties for yourself?!

Question: At what age should you stop having birthday parties for yourself?
I'm not talking about little kids. I'm talking more about adults (18+) What age should you stop going out and having parties at bars or whatever you do for fun? Personally after 21 I think it becomes kind f childish and pointless. However, I think on milestone birthdays like 40, 50, 60 ect you can have friends over. But non of this let's go to bars and do shots nonsense. thoughts?


I agree that at some point you should definitely stop throwing them for yourself. If you have friends that want to take you out, that's different. But I know a guy who still throws his own parties (shots at a bar) and he's in his late thirties. I hear you, enough already.

I don't think there is an age limit to stop throwing birthday parties for yourself (or have someone throw one for you). Each year is milestone in my eyes. If one year you just want a quiet birthday and just go out to eat, by all means DO IT! If the next year you feel like celebrating with friends and family, you have that right! After all, you only live once and it's your life, so whether or not you want a party each year its your decision.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. If you want to party, then party.

Not all parties are the same.

For me, I prefer to cook a great dinner, or go our and eat on occasion.

I have not done the drunk scene for years, but if you want to get wasted, and that is your thing, and you are not an alcoholic, then do it.

We all grow up over time, or most do, but if you want to celebrate a birthday, thats fine.

I turn 40 this year by the way :)

I think once a kid has passed their 16th birthday, they are too old to throw themselves parties. It's different if friends come up with the idea and want to get together to help a friend celebrate but as I said, after 16, it's quite tacky to throw parties to honor yourself.

On my sister's 50th we had Chanpagne at the house then the limo picked us up and we all went to a restaurant, met up with friends then did a pub crawl with the limo. On my 50th my sisters and I rented a cabin and went boating. I don't think it matters as long as it is with people you love and you enjoy yourself.

I think when you pass the 18 mark, it should only be the milestones like 21, 30 40 etc as you say yourself. Although something small like going to dinner or having a night in with family is acceptable.

You can have a party whenever you feel like it

I don't think there is any specific rule, people party how often and for how long they want. Mine last birthday party was my 21st. So long ago........


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