what really happens on a stag night?!

Question: What really happens on a stag night?
I was watching the hangover, and i was just wondering ... if one of these days i get married , what actually happens on a stag do?

like do guys think of it a way to have sex with someone else for the last time?

or does it really just depend on the person? I would freak out if i knew my fiance had sex with some random before we got married!! but i would want him to have a good time too!



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Lol, I wouldn't worry about the random sex (well it depends on the guy really) but its mostly just a night of crazy drinking, old "bad" rock music & maybe a stripper and some fighting.

I would say that hiring strippers or visiting a strip club is FAR MORE common. I have been to 20+ stag parties and none of them hired prostitutes but most of them involved strippers.

So expect him to have a dance by a naked girl but that is probably the worst of it.

Just tell him. Go ahead and have a lap dance from a sexy strpper but if you have sex with her, the wedding is off". Nothing like the fear of god (or worse a wife/future wife) to make a man think straight

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