What can you eat to make your *** taste sweeter?!

Question: What can you eat to make your *** taste sweeter?
i heard pineapples are the best, someone said any citrus fruit will do.


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Back when i was puffing weed everyday i had 2 chicks tell me my *** tasted AW FULL ... so i guess weed is not the way.

i heard strawberry juice ?

I love how this is in the "Entertaining" category, as if you're serving ... yourself... at a party.

I have also heard that pineapples are the best for this, but that's just because pineapples are *loaded* with sugar. Not recommended for diabetics, that's for sure.

I had a bf back in the day (lol! before I was married) that ate lots of fruit flavored yogurts, and his wasn't as bitter as others. not that I have tons to compare to, or anything.

It's more about what to avoid...... curry and other really spicy things. Garlic etc, anything particularly strong. Drink a lot of water and eat fruit, basically just the normal healthy diet

So disgusting.

How about staying on a Healthly diet. Gets you your real sweetness taste.

Don't eat but put a syrup on your ***

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