I feel like I need to throw up?!

Question: I feel like I need to throw up?
i ate a whole bowl of oatmeal and i feel SO full. i hate this feeling so much. my stomach has shrunk a bit from eating less, so i overestimated how much i could eat. i feel sick... is it ok to make myself throw up just this once? ive never done it before and i will never do it again, just this once to relieve this sickly full feeling.


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no! it's really bad for you.
all the acids in your stomach come up to
your throat and eat away at your throat.

I know how you feel! I hate the feeling when I get nauseous. I don't feel good all night until i throw up! Try to have some 7-up...clear liquids and no foods with acid, or oily foods.
My mom gives me this stuff called ENO its english....its fizzy and you mix it in a glass of water and it relieves my tummy. HOpe ya feel better!

That horrible feeling should pass soon, just give your body some time.

LOL My brother had 8 wheatabix's in one serving once,because he was really hungry, but he forgot that they swell up in your tummy. He was lying in the floor in pain for a while.

"ive never done it before and i will never do it again"...well isn't that the start of every addiction.

you do know that prevention is better than a cure...next time give the oatmeal some mercy.

don't try to hold it in, but don't induce it. just let it out. if you need to vomit because you're full, it will make you feel better. but making yourself throw up is never a good idea.

Try not to. It could put you off food even more, but if you feel really bad, then I suppose it would be ok. Try tickling your tonsils, or taking ipikak. :)

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