What should i do for my 14th birthday party?!

Question: What should i do for my 14th birthday party?
ok so im turning 14 on march 3rd (3 weeks from now). since march is a crappy month, i dont know what to do. i live on a lake that freezes in the winter and we ice skate on but i dont know if it will be skate-able. i dont have money to rent a hotel room or go to a fancy restaraunt. im inviting 4-7 people. only one will be a guy. I AM NOT A GIRLY GIRL. i hate dresses, and pink, and crap like that, no affence to anyone!!! when should the party be? the weekend before, or after? but ummmm.... what should i do for my birthday party? thanks in advance!!


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Laser Tag and pizza!

maybe now you are feeling grown up how about telling your mum and dad how much you love them and do something adult special for them.

My 14th Birthday is comming up also In March. it's March 28th. I need ideas also. I think I will have a sleepover.

there may be some great ideas here


a lunch and movie?

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