how many people take cupcakes to school?!

Question: How many people take cupcakes to school?
tomorrow is my sisters bday and she wants to take cupcakes to skool and its like 7:00 and me and my parents say no plz tell her that its the thought that counts


it's her birthday.. i think she deserves some cupcakes. i know i love cupcakes and even more love it when my friends bring me cupcakes to school. go. buy. some. cupcakes. it doesn't take that long.

Seriously dont be so lazy! Like come on its her B-day! use cake mixes or look up easy quick cupcake recipes or cupcakes for kids! there are loads of good sites!

I never took cupcakes to school. But I did take candy. Usually one bag of mini candy bars was enough for the whole class..

its her birthday so stop being such whiny lames and go buy some cupcakes

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