what is a good idea for a 16th birthday party?!

Question: What is a good idea for a 16th birthday party?
i would like to have a 16th birthday party but i have to pay for it myself :( . i dont have that much money to spend because im going overseas this year so im only wanting something little. also i dont want anything at my house coz that might get boring coz they always come there. thanks guys :)


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The beach idea is good if they don't have tables ask some friends if they have tables. Decorations who needs them! For food maybe have your mom cook a really good party food is pizza crescent rolls all it is is you roll out the crescent roll put pizza sauce on and some cheese then bake the crescent rolls with whatever it says on the box.


I think a good idea would be either dinner or a beach outing. For the dinner, you and friends meet up at the resturant and buy food eat and everything but they pay for themselves. Then theres beach. Just meet up with friends at beach or somewhere else then all go beach. Beach is free :) besdies bus/train lol

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