what do i do with this cake for now?!

Question: What do i do with this cake for now?
I got two boxes of cake for my boyfriends birthday, and i was going to make a four layer. well, i needed six eggs, and i had already started making the first batter, and i only had four eggs. so i just made one cake for now. well i am finished with the first two layers, they are iced and everything, and now i am waiting for my boyfriends mom to come over to give me some more eggs. right now i just put a cover over the cake and left it on the counter. should i refridgerate it? it could be a few hours until she gets here?? at the latest she should be here at 11 am.


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cake does not spoil and will remain pretty darn good tasting for up to 7 days
the only issue would be if it dried out and you just said it was frosted.
No worries,
leave it on the counter.
I don't recall every refrigerating a cake back in the day and there is no need now.
Unless your frosting is the whipped cream kind that could collapse.
Any frosting is also room temp stable because of the sugar.
Sugar sets up an unfriendly environment for bacteria. This is straight from the USDA inspectors that come to our bakery I work at .
Sugar is considered a preservative.
Your cake could set out, covered to keep it moist, for a couple of days and still be fine.
Those big elaborate cakes for weddings and special events often take days to decorate and are still eaten without incident.

I agree with Tom. An iced cake will sit at room temperature very well for a couple of days. No danger of food poisoning.

If the cake is covered it can stay at room temperature

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