Any ideas for Buffy themed games?!

Question: Any ideas for Buffy themed games?
I am having a Buffy themed sweet 16 and need help thinking of good games for large groups that still maintain the theme. Any ideas?


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Hmm mm - - - how gory do you wanna get? Did ya ever see how they stake people on stage ?
Rig up a table so that a friend who likes to play act has his head so that he can interact with guests while it looks as if his body is stretched out on a slab. You can work it out so that his arms and hands are in play but IMPORTANT - - - his torso is fake; why? So You can DRIVE A STAKE INTO HIS CHEST/HEART - - --
Have a Stake driving contest - - - - give your actor a few blood caplets he can crush in his mouth for bloodier effects and in the vein of Buffy encourage the actor/actress to taunt your guests, "Gee, you hit like a Girl." You can stash a beef roast inside the torso to absorb the blows of the steak.

Another game: a trunk of capes and loose clothes, coats - - - call it a Shape-Shifting Game, participants turn back to audience,have but a few seconds to grab a clothing item, and whirl around presenting an on the spot ghoulish character. Facial contortions and drooling encouraged.

Naturally Buffy Trivia.

Naturally a 'Scream' Contest - - - "Give us your best Movie Scream."

And, what about a Hex Contest, how creative can you get casting a spell? Can you Hip Hop a Spell, sing it out in the style of a Country Western Song, or perhaps an 80s Nu-Age Pop Spell?


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