House party ideas anyone?!

Question: House party ideas anyone?
partys tomorrow, and its a house party, y'know, music food (its a valentines party) the theme is pink black white and black, basically we would play truth or dare and dance, any other good games? (along the lines of snog spin, 21 dares hahah)

myt friend said to add that im 19, so you dont think this is some ten year old tryna party <3 ty xx


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seven minutes in heaven, they don't have to do anything, they could just cut, you could decide who goes with who with spin the bottle.
guess the celebrity couple, have teams, and the team leader gives clues you made and say them, and there team has to guess in a time limit. have some valentines day themed prizes, Chocolate for example
don't forget food, and music. and dancing. food- cupcakes, pizza, chips ETC. u can drink, just not to much, and have pop and water for other people.

Good Luck, cheers

Just for clarification, your friends are straight edge and Christian and wouldn't feel comfortable drinking but would feel comfortable with a party where everyone was playing riskay make-out games?

get drunk

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