Need ideas for small Friday night gathering finger food (easy to make)?!

Question: Need ideas for small Friday night gathering finger food (easy to make)?
I am having a small Friday gathering with my sister and long time friend (who is a vegetarian but she eats shrimp). I need some appetizers/ finger food ideas; I do want one platter to be vegetarian with shrimp and one to be regular. I will also be serving mimosa for the drinks.

only idea i have so far is doing a bbq pull pork bruschetta


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Vegetarians do not eat shrimp either so your friend is mistaken.

I suggest doing a platter with cheeses, crackers, veggies and peeled shrimp. Serve a veggie dip for the veggies and cocktail sauce for the shrimp.

These antipasto skewers can be made without meat or with shrimp…
Also try fruit skewers dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts
(banana, pineapple, grapes or strawberries)

Mini quiches with spinach, bacon and cheese for savoury
and for sweet:
Get mascapone creamcheese, walnuts and semi-dried dates. Half and pit the dates, spread on some cheese, and place half a walnut on top. They are so delicious.

shrimp cocktail
cheese & fruit platter
veggies & hummus
cheese breadsticks

Make little sandwiches, cookies, small cupcakes, kebabs, small snack wraps, etc.

Pigs in a blanket and cheese in a blanket or shrimp in a blanket.

spinach homemade dip and chips/cracker is vegs with cheese wedges all kinds
artichoke dip
fresh artichokes
mabey a tomatto and herb brushetta for veg

mini hot dogs!

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