I am having a Twilight Birthday party?!

Question: I am having a Twilight Birthday party?
for my daughter. I need ideas for snack foods and maybe some recipes, like bloody punch and stuff. Can anyone give me ideas for food stuffs (mostly appetizers they arent coming until seven) and party games?


When the dvd came out I had a huge twilight party. I had a twilight trivia where I split everyone into groups and asked them a series of questions which they answered on a paper. For another part of the party I split everyone into other groups and had them draw from a hat different scenes from the movie and book. This one was all about the frist movie/book so the scenes were the baseball scene, the cafeteria scene, and the dinner scene. It was a lot of fun everyone did something really unique. For food we had a bunch of different food. Deep red velvet cupcakes. Speghetti and meatballs red punch with vanilla icecream in it. For the second party I had it was for New Moon, we had two different tables and one for team jacob and one for team edward. And then a tiny table for those die hard fans that couldnt choose. We had blueberry muffins and hotdogs but also some vampire food as well. During both parties the people who won won different twilight stuff like posters and pins. During the new moon party we did story time around a fire pit like the book and everyone came up with different stories and then we acted them out. To finish up both of the parties we watched the movies. Hope this helps sorry its so long. And happy birthday


a good, deep red punch: combine 1 c boiling water, 1 small package cherry jell-o, 1 pkg cherry or strawberry Kool-aid, a 1 c sugar then whisk until jell-o and sugar is melted. Pour into a large ziploc bag and freeze 6 hours, squishing bag every hour or so (to get it slushy). add slush to punch bowl, then pour a 2 liter of sprite or ginger ale over slush and serve. yum.
kids don't care so much if it matches the theme, but things I've seen at Twilight release parties arechocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels, typical fruit and veggie trays, mini meatballs in red sauce, pigs in a blanket, just regular snack foods. anywhere you could add sparkles or vampire teeth, do so.

you could play ghost in the graveyard and have a sleepover and watch twilight movies!! And also for food you could do the bloody punch, vampire spagetti and meatballs, and like twilight cookies and ice cream and stuff. good luck!!

Well about entertaining you can make them watch the movies or play the Twilight game. Also look for Twilight party in google(:


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