any ideas of how and where to throw a going-away party ?!

Question: Any ideas of how and where to throw a going-away party ?
im leave to bootcamp for the Marines in 2 weeks and i want to throw A going away party for lik 15- 20 of my friend the problem is that i have no place to do it ,my plan for this weekend was to get a 2 beds suite which cost like 200 bucks and just have it there with a couple of my friend and play cards and drink and maybe sum music ...but before that my moms want to have a get together at my house for my friends ,she want to cook food for them and then just chill there for a bit and then we would go to tha hotel to party !!! ,any other ideas for a party ,or should i just stick with my plan ????


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try to find a lounge or cafe, or small restaurant

GL go to a restraunt or chuckie cheses lol

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