16th Birthday Party, Having Alcohol.?!

Question: 16th Birthday Party, Having Alcohol.?
Ok, so it's my 16th birthday in 10 days and i really want a good party with the girls. There will be me and about 15 other girls staying at my house and there will be lots of alcohol. Don't go on about how we're underage because it will not stop us. Anyway my question is what sort of alcohol shall i get? I was thinking a few crates of Lager, a few crates of Alcopops, Vodka, Schnapps and some Shots. But what do you think? And what sort of things do you think we should do? xx


Whatever on the idiots who think they are going to tell you you are too young and give you a Life Lesson through a profound realization on YA!
Anyway, beer or Lager is good (I'm not from Britain, I drink light beer personally). Best to keep it to one main liquor like vodka, you can do a lot of things with it. Make some jello shots, have it as shots, it mixes with just about anything. Always remember: beer before liquor never sicker. I say stick with one liquor because people are way more likely to get sick or have a hangover when mixing liquors. No sweet stuff either!
Hey, curious kat that I am, I clicked on your profile which states you are 25? Your funny chickie-dee! Have fun no matter!

Funny that, I'm nearly 17 and I don't know that many people who ever plan to drink THAT much.

Normal doesn't mean good, nor does it mean legal. I almost hope you get busted drunk ;D Good life lesson.

"# Under Eighteen - Anybody under 18 is breaking the law if they buy or attempt to buy alcohol in a pub, off-licence or shop. It is also illegal for anyone to buy alcohol for someone else who is under 18 except when they purchase wine, beer or cider for consumption with a meal. This law extends to (but does not only include) people under 18 drinking wine, beer or cider in a public place."

Get your facts straight. I would assume supervision and limiting of quantity consumed is also required at home if you're under 17/18.

The point is, it's not legal. You can't legally buy it, and no adult can legally buy it for you. Don't expect advice on illegal activities, and don't think you can dictate what anyone says to you just because you don't agree with it.

I think you'd be better off not to serve alcohol at your party. The other girls' parents could call the police on your parents for hosting such a party, whether your parents know about it or not.
You really don't want that going on between you and your parents.

Trust me, you can plan to execute the most secretive alcohol drinking, but think about it.
If there's anything can can help things go wrong, when it comes to peoples' actions, it's alcohol.

It's going to be so funny when your parents get arrested for allowing you to be drinking at the party, and also funny when the other girls' parents sue yours for letting you have the alcohol. Best birthday party ever!

Lol I'm 14 and me and my friends drink once in a while. you're definetely not underage. uhm we usually have coolers, sailer jerrys (gets you really hammered) or captain morgan, and any kind of vodka (i like flavored), or bacardi. HAVE FUN! and happppy birthday !

Beer, LOTS of jello shots....lime vodka and orange juice tastes like Froot Loops! Rum and Coke.

Just get a couple things of vodka and rum and tons of mixers and you should be good to go.

You could do jungle juice, too! That's always awesome at parties.

Anybody who actually gives you advice about this question would be contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I'd like to see who responds though.

Rubbing alcohol, that's the real cancer grower

12 is the new 20 now in this days seriously

judging by your question i dont think you know enough about alchaol too even drink it ...even if you were 21

Do you really want to have to clean up that much puke?

Were you really expecting to get a real answer on here? Think about it, you typed that you were going to be 16, therefore you're still just 15. I get it, there's a bit of a difference in the cultures, but still, 16 is a little too young to be getting that drunk. Don't get me wrong, when I was 16, me and a couple of friends skipped school and had decided to raid one of their dad's liquor cabinets, but we stopped ourselves because we were using our brains. I mean, sure in England/the UK, you may be able to do more stuff and different ages, but there's a reason that we have a drinking age here in the States, it's because at your age, you already make stupid decisions (I know, because I did) and when you mix a houseful of teens, and a lot of alcohol, it's going to be bad, very bad...
If you thought you'd get a good answer, that should be your answer. Obviously you're not prepared to be involved in this type of activity, because if you were, you wouldn't be on a site asking strangers from around the world their opinion on what you should be getting so that you and your friends can get drunk because you're 16. When I was 16, I got my license, no alcohol though!

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