Disney Dinner Party - How do I do it?!

Question: Disney Dinner Party - How do I do it?
I'm planning a Disney Dinner Party because my family can't afford to go to Disneyland this year. That has been the highlight of our year in years past, and I'd like to create a magical evening at home so we can still get into the Disney Spirit. I've got a Disney Cookbook with recipes inspired from all different kinds of Disney movies. What other things could we do to create magic at home?


Have a bakery do one of those photo sheet cakes. Have the Disney Castle photo on the cake. I would pick a favorite Disney movie and enjoy watching the movie together after dinner. Not sure the ages of your children, but you could have them dress up as their favorite Disney Character for the night. Another possibility is you could make a scrapbook with you and your kids. Have it be a disney scrapbook with pictures of your favorite Disney moments.

Buy mickey mouse ears for everyone, or have them all dress as a different character. Hang up white twinkly Christmas lights to create a "magical" atmospheres. Give the kids sparklers, as another user suggested.

Watch your favorite Disney movie.

During dinner, have "It's A Small World After All" playing in the background.

Get some sparklers for the kids. Get some Mickey ears and princess crowns etc. Little girls usually love to play dress up, let them wear make-up. Decorations are easy to find at the party stores. Think about what your favorite things to do are at Disney and try to incorporate into your theme.

Print a menu for dinner, attributing each dish to a different Disney character (e.g., Snow White coconut cake, 7 dwarfs 7 layer dip, Cinderella coach pumpkin pie).

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