Should I change the time of my party?? Or what foods should I make?!

Question: Should I change the time of my party?? Or what foods should I make?
So the hall where I am hosting a party doesn't open until 12 on a Sunday. So I was going to start the party at 2, but I feel that it is a weird time because people already ate lunch and aren't quite ready for dinner.

So I was thinking 3pm because that could be more of an early dinner, and at least people will be hungry and want to eat. I just know that most people do not want to be out late on a Sunday.

What do you think?

If I keep the 2pm time, what foods should I make?


I'd keep the original time to avoid confusing your guests. Some might postpone lunch until the party, and others will have eaten.
Meet both groups in the middle with "heavy Hors d'?uvres". Favorites are 2" slices of sub sandwiches, sweedish meatballs, boiled shrimp, chips and dips, and, if you want to go that far, raw or Rockefeller oysters. You could also set up fondue or chocolate fountain stations. A real crowd pleaser is a spiral cut ham with condiments and sliced potato rolls.

Bon Chance.

If you have already invited a lot of people, you might want to keep the original time to avoid the hassle of telling everybody and confusion. Someone might forget and come an hour early. If you keep the 2pm time, just make some small things like appetizers and snacks. Or if you haven't sent out invitations yet, you could put something on them like:

"There will be a lot of food at the party so if you plan on eating there, please don't eat a big meal beforehand."

3 p.m. sounds fine. I can't imagine the party will go on that late into the night.

Make an array of appetizers. A cheese/cracker/pepperoni tray, a veggie tray, a fruit tray, chips and dip, punch, pop, and cookies. You could do little hot dogs, stuffed mushrooms, meatballs. That way they aren't eating a full meal, but they have stuff to snack on at the party.

Instead of a full meal, you could do a tapas bar. Lots of Amuse-Bouche, one bite appetizers. Chips and breads and dips, anitipasto, shrimp and crab cocktail, fresh veggies and fruits, small desserts. People are more likely to mingle about and enjoy themselves versus having a sit down meal that they may either have been starving for or not be hungry at all for and have to sit in one place.

Make things like veggie and dip trays, cheese and crackers etc. People your age will eat any time of the day!

i agree with atlarge

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