Surprise Party! HELP?!? Please!?!

Question: Surprise Party! HELP?!? Please!?
my best friend is turning 15 on the 21st of February and me and her parents are throwing her a surprise party at her house. We are like twins and we are very much alike. She loves music and jack skellington! and neon colors and she is very artistic. she is not emo and doesn't like very girly things(like pink and unicorns and blah blah blah) I need a theme for her party and I just dont know! I was thinking an Alice in wonderland but I'm not sure how that would play out. No inappropriate things or I will report you! And there will be no beer or drugs. And most likely a jumper (we're like grown up little kids :D)


lol if she likes alice in wonderland AND jack skellington, you should have both somehow. maybe like half of the room being each. OR you can do one half being neon colors (very pretty i might add :D) and the other half being jack skellington or alice in wonderland.
if possible, get a DJ. lol whats a party without a DJ?!?!?!? Hope this helps. Good luck!!

p.s. if you do do the neon colors thing, you should get neon balloons and put it all over the floor. (if possible)

how about a retro 60's party, pop art, andy warhol, mod stuff, and all that? very artsy, colorful time.

try a tie dye party.
like a hippie party but no drugs.
1970- 1960

Maybe, 90' theme or disco themed
For the disco get BRIGHT colors!!!

ice party could do,,,,

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