Party ideas for 19th?!

Question: Party ideas for 19th?
My boyfriends 19th birthday is coming up in a few months and he's never had a party before. So i've decided to have a party for him. What would be some good and cheap options for around 20 people?


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Have like a poker party,
all the girls dress up in nice classy dresses, what boys dont like poker!?
Have it in a dark setting, good music, dancing & go buy some fat cigars!
They guys will enjoy something new and daring! & you ladies all spiffed up!!

you could have a blacklight party, that'd be fun. This page gives you all sort of ideas for cheap blacklight decorating:…

A cool park setting music food friends
Movie night (let him pick the genre of movies) invite friends
A non-alcoholic bar (or make your own)
If you're close to the beach, go with it.

have a party together with friends being home...singing,eating......

i agree wit chelsea

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