what should i do for my 15th birthday party?!

Question: What should i do for my 15th birthday party?
my birthday party is in december but i have to start planning now so i can pay for everything what should i do for my birthday party


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You dont have to pay alot to make it a good party it is the people and what you are doing that make it good. One of my friends payed a ton of money for his party and it was aufull! It was very lame even though he had all the nice things and his nice house. I just had a hottub and a room to chill with couchs and had cool people with hot chicks and alot more girls then guys :) You dont want to be in that bad partys catrgory.

Have been to and had partys.

Depends on your interests, where you live, how many people will celebrate with you and what you like to do. A lot of money isn't necessary but it sure helps sometimes. I live in Southern California and one year I went with 3 friends to Disneyland. I am in my 20's so it was fun to be silly and act like a kid again. I've also heard that dinner at Medieval Times is a lot of fun but I believe it can be pricey. Sometimes they have specials but you will need to do the research. Since your birthday is in the wintertime you could plan a ski trip for you and close friends or go snow mobiling which is ultra fun. Or you could not spend much money at all and have a party at the house with your favorite junk foods, cake and music.

Save a little money. You don't have to do it big to have a good party. Do what you like.
Example: for my b-day, I got my besties and went to my fave restaurant and then had a giant house party!!! What a blast!!!

i agree with them all

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