Beach party at school. Swimsuit issues?!

Question: Beach party at school. Swimsuit issues?
This year for our end of the year celebration, our principal agreed with a beach party. The only problem is....swimsuits. A few days before the party, they want everyone to bring their swimsuits to be looked at by the teachers for appropriateness. I agree with the idea, whatever will get everyone to be able to wear swimsuits. I don't like that many students feel violated showing off their swimsuit to a teacher. What can I do to make swimsuit inspection better? Suggestions are welcome.


Your faculty is setting up an arbitrary and demeaning situation. If they want the swimsuits to meet a certain standard, it is their responsibility (having authorized the party) to set standards for swimsuit acceptability. Absent this, there will be a different standard for each faculty "judge".

It's really not fair to put students in this situation. If the faculty wants to be the arbiter of acceptability, they need to publish the rules.

Senior citizen obsessed with fairness.

Violated? As in, their rights are being?
Sheesh-the school is not obligated to allow you to have a party, and they have every right to make sure the student's attire is appropriate. What kind of whiny entitlement liberal s**theads attend this school?
They should be thankful that they have access to education at all and quit behaving as though it's their social club.

Maybe I don't know what skimpy suits kids are wearing these days, but can't you just make a rule against thongs? Why the inspections? Ever been to Brazil or the French or Italian Riviera? Speedos and thongs are standard.

As long as they abide by the law, there's nothing you should do.

just tell themiots for the long as the costume is appropriate,there is no harm in showing it to the teacher,they lose nothing by showing it to the teacher

you should have each student show their swimsuit to their own gender of person. like boy to man and girl to woman. this would make everything a lot easier and you shouldn't feel violated by this.

You have got to be kidding me! Of course they feel violated. I hope you are not a male teacher looking at the wahines! Who died and made you the swimsuit inspector...

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