Pokemon party ideas? (for teenagers)?!

Question: Pokemon party ideas? (for teenagers)?
So I'm turning 19 this year and what a better way to celebrate than have a pokemon themed birthday party!
What are some cool ideas for pokemon themed food and cocktails? (ALL pokemon generations welcome)


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Pokemon party ideas.Is a party enjoiny.A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing.

well first you need a costume party thats a must :)

Then you need:
- sugar cookies that look like pokeballs
- Cupcakes that are decorated like different pokemon
- an electric type punch drink

:) What a good idea

pokeball water balloon fight!
dress up as your fav pokemon
pokefood- chopped up brownies

Can you get a cake with Pikachu designed icing on the top?

That sounds like so much fun! I'd get a gengar shaped pinata like I did on my 13th haha.

im 19 next week

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