Can anyone suggest a good store bought pimento cheese?!

Question: Can anyone suggest a good store bought pimento cheese?
I'm looking for something that is the closest thing to homemade, any ideas?


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Zingerman's of Ann Arbor Michigan makes some of the best pimento cheese I've ever had. They have a mail order catalog and a website if you're not near Ann Arbor


Best I've found is at good ol' Walmart's - comes in a tub, is really close to home-made [has nice curdy bits and good texture and plenty of pimiento taste]. Any really good national chain should have its "own" brand - Kroger's does too in addition to Wallyworld. Worst pimento cheese spread is Kraft's in a dinky little jar - icky flavor, awful texture. Try the tub in the cheese section of a big supermarket. Bon appetit!

sedgefield's is closest to our homemade. It's available in NC and I don't know where else. But you know what? Pimento cheese is so easy to make, why not just make it at home?

I have to second someone else's answer, Palmetto Farms pimento cheese spread. I know Publix sells it. It's the best store-bought kind I've tried!

Palmetto Farms Cheese!!! You must try it, but you may never want to eat another brand or even bother making it yourself again.

cheese pie with additive milk,sugar.add bay leaves.

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