Bachelorette surprise party?!?!? help please..?!

Question: Bachelorette surprise party?!?!? help please..?
I have many ideas and stuff but I feel like it is missing something..I am having a surprise bache. party for my sis..i am keeping it P13 becasue of the ages coming r between 16-21. and some ppl. that r coming r shy but any way....we are having chinese appetizers..everything is pink and i am going to have playboy bunny heads giant on the wall..I am going to get pin the kiss on the man game...we are going to watch house bunny and bride wars...i am making virgin drinks..i am ordering a cake...that is all I got so far ...and i am having at my apartment..I feel like I am missing some thing...I want it to be fun and can you tell me some ideas to add and tell me what i am missing>>> :) thank you


I've thrown over 6 bachelorette parties in my time and have attended many more. And I'm the single one! It sounds like you're planning a fun time. It seems like a sweet party. Do you want to venture a bit on the dark and twisted side? I'm a perfect one to ask.

Hot Dog Game (Pins on the Prick game)
Tie a hot dog to a string. Then, with 60 seconds on the clock, the gal has to dip the hot dog hung by her waist into a cup full of thumbtacks and push pins. One with the most pins wins. You'd be amazed at the laughter coming out. Play the song, "The Dip" during the game and make sure you don't pee your pants!

Panty Game
Everyone brings a pair of panties, the racier or funnier the better. The bride to be has three tries to guess who brought what. Of course it's even better when you hang these over the mantle or tie them up on a string over the tv! If she guesses right, she gets to take them home.

Notes to the soon to be Bride
Everyone writes a wish or notes of advise. Put them on hearts and when she gets older, she can look back and laugh!

Single gal that always hosts the parties!

that sounds fun! your probably missing decorations and an actual meal, not just appetizers. (like sandwiches or something) I can't think of anything else though! sounds like you got it all!


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