Best London venue for chocolate making classes for a hen party or birthday party?!

Question: Best London venue for chocolate making classes for a hen party or birthday party?
I am looking for a London venue for chocolate making classes or chocolate making lessons combined with cupcake classes for a combined birthday party and hen party. The emphasis is on fun - nothing too serious. Would be good to combine with maybe cocktails, champagne or afternoon tea (so the hen party can eat them not lug them around London). And this ideally an afternoon activity


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I am a chef in a top London restaurant and I had to undertake exactly this exercise for my fiance's hen night. Start by looking on sites like Viewlondon and Gohen, they have a huge range of activities for hen parties and stuff to get ideas BUT avoid booking through them as they are often over priced and you can get better deals elsewhere. I would also avoid the "kitchen" type chocolate classes and cupcake classes too - sorry the idea that you can learn anything serious about chocolate making or cupcake making in an hour or two is ludicrous. These kind of places are good for proper courses but not for a fun afternoon out - kitchen's are not fun they are serious I run one!

After calling around a few of my bar and restaurant contacts I sent my fiance's hen party to Peacock Bar in Clapham Junction. They do a huge range of hen party afternoon activities including cupcakes, chocolate, cocktails, afternoon cream tea etc in a fabulous Rococo style venue. Their classes are all about dressing up, fun, photos and silliness.

Just the ticket for my fiance's group and they had a great time which is what matters and lots of photos and chocolates to boot. The staff were apparently lovely and the whole place was buzzing with different groups of girls doing different activities with a few birthday and stag parties thrown in too. Their Frank Sinatra was also a big hit too apparently so well done Peacock Bar

I was also very impressed by the chocolates the girls made too and was about to eat my words about being able to be taught proper chocolate making in an afternoon - till they let it slip that Peacock staff always make a few perfect chocolates for you just in case you have too much fun on the day. Good try my dear almost fooled me!

Yes I went for my sis's 21st for chocolate making and it was great fun - lot of pralines, biscuits, strawberries for dipping and as good lots of samples to taste - I did not realise chocolate came in so many flavours. Our teachers were also lovely and we all enjoyed the dressing up, scoring and photos. We stayed on for the cocktails, dining and shows too. A fantastic afternoon & evening all round. I do not know how much it cost............

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