What food can I bring for sharing at the office?!

Question: What food can I bring for sharing at the office?
Myself and a group of 5 other people are going to be at an office for a few weeks. One of them started this trend where she brought donut holes for everyone. The next week someone brought bagels. I didn't wanna do bagels again, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could bring? Preferably healthy? The office has about 30 people. Thanks!


Veggie/Fruit platter

make a few wraps at home, and cut them into bite size pieces.
works all the time for family parties, and i have a big family, were more than 30 people

Cookies, muffins, sliced veggies or fruit with dip.

A few loaves of different bread (banana nut and such).

Muffins. Fruit.

How about fruit, or yogurt with granola on the side?

rice krispies
banana loaf


bake a cake
fruit salad
(any one of these is a great idea)

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