I'm having a list-only house party and don't have bouncers?!

Question: I'm having a list-only house party and don't have bouncers?
So, I was thinking of a secret knock or a password dealio.

Ideas for a secret knock, good password or other ideas?


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Mail out invitations old school via the usps snail mail.

well you can have a secret knock/password, but its also possible for unwanted ppl to find it out, so if you do that, be careful, and chose something rly wierd that ppl wont guess and make sure the wanted ppl can be trusted with it.
another idea is to get a few close friends to help you out and be your own personal bouncers for a bit. I did that for a party and it rly helped, my friends and i took turns answering the door and making sure the person was invited, and they dont have to do it for too long cuz generally ppl show up in groups or around the same time. so get 3-4 friends to help you and take 10-15 min shifts.

do your middle name, plus your favorite number, plus the age you are going to turn. for example: Tatiana1734. totally proof! or, do your favorite animal, plus your favorite color, plus your favorite candy. example: dogpurpletootsierolls. or for a shorter password, jumble up your mom's maiden name. for example. Thomas: moahts
or do your favorite website, age your will turn, and favorite radio station. example: google3491.9
good luck!

my creativity

It's actually an old concept. Its called a speakeasy. Google it you may find some cool passwords. Have somebody at the door with a small pad of paper and have the person write down the password so nobody else around who isn't invited hears them say it. Have fun!

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