I'm having my birthday soon HELP!!!!!!?!

Question: I'm having my birthday soon HELP!!!!!!?
My birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks and I want to have a party. I'm planning on inviting about 10 people, and I don't plan on doing something extremely expensive. My house is really small, and I just want to do cake and presents there (and maybe watch a movie). I'm not allowed to do a sleepover and I don't really want everyone to be crammed into my house for the whole party. I'm trying to find things to do for the party that are under $40. And my friends aren't really into bowling. Help!!


If it's during reasonable daytime hours...can do a scavenger hunt...mall or neighborhood with teams of 2 ppl each>>lists are online. Give everyone a list, but mix them up so they aren't all looking for the same thing at the same time...or have different things for them altogether somewhat: hand them a bag and a pen to cross off. Then meet back at your place for refreshments and open gifts and watch movie.

Use the $40 to buy thank you gifts for the guests....some token of appreciation.

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