Surprise party for 2 girls!?!

Question: Surprise party for 2 girls!?
Kay. My friends Carolyn and Tracy are twins. BEST friends...more like sisters. I wanna throw them a surprise party. My friend Gia is helping (her parents own a pizza place) Were gonna have somewhat 8-20 people...then like...3 sleep over..any food ideas? *besides pizza* Tracy is allergic to peanuts, and stays away from other nuts to be safe. Their brother, Eric might be coming, and hes a vegan. And, btw, theyre turning 14. So, yeah. Tracy is more girly ike pink n flowers, Carolyn used to be a tomboy. Not anymore, but shes not a freaking daffodill either. SO...suggestions? And how to keep it a secret? I thought of this in Math w. Gia...and I think Carolyn knows...but I dont wanna be like Hey do yuh kno....if she yeah...xP HELP!


What a great friend! I found your question while looking for peanut-free recipe ideas. As a blogger for SunButter, I suggest something yummy but nut-free. SunButter is like peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds. There's a recipe for SunButter pizza (I know you said "besides pizza," but this is a cool creation) and a whole bunch of other recipes here: Maybe SunButter brownies with candy decorations (some flowers, some just cool shapes).
Good luck and have fun!

Come back when you can compose a paragraph that we can understand! OKAY ??? !!!

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