What should I plan for my mom's 40th birthday?!

Question: What should I plan for my mom's 40th birthday?
My mom's 40th birthday is next month. Money is sort of tight, but I want to plan something memorable for her. Sort of like a party, or like have a minimum of 30 guests at least, but have no idea of what to do. Everything I try to plan never works out. HELP PLEASE!!!


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Cake recipe that is delicious

Get 2 packs of chocolate pudding and 2 cups of milk and put it on medium heat until it boils and thickens.

Pour the mixture into a cake dish (greased) A.S.A.P

Get a bunch of crushed up heath bars, White chocolate chips, And regular chocolate chips.

Heat oven to 350 and cook 20-30 minutes.



ask your mom's best friend and or your favorite aunt to help organize. let them know your idea and i am sure they will have great input.
something fun might be to have everyone dress like the era your mom was growing up. have music playing from back then. maybe find her year book and have her picture copied to put on a cake.
if serving food keep it down to snacks and finger sandwiches. or something easy with little clean up.
sending invitation? let them know snacks and soft drinks will be served. alcohol will take alot of your money if trying to work on a budget.
this is very kind of you and she will really appreciate it.
take lots of pictures of the friends and family that come. for a gift get a nice photo album that she can put them in and treasure the memory.
hope this helps. have fun.


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