what should i do for my 28 birthday?!

Question: What should i do for my 28 birthday?
i havent really been able to celebate my birthday having 2 kids and all but this year i want to do something great and fun with lots of dancing what is it that i should do??


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send the kiddos to grandma's and host an elegant cocktail party.

Make ( or buy) appetizers and the fixings for two or three of your favorite drinks.

Set you Ipod to play a fun playlistand have friends over for a fun night of grown up talk

Shopping is always fun, so go to shopping to a mall in the morning along with your friends and celebrate in a restaurant, and go to movie in the afternoon and arrange a kitty party in the evening along with your kids and family. That would be nice for a change

You need to RELAX and have fun!
I would say have a spa appointment in the daytime, get a long massage, a mani/pedi. Do it with a girlfriend and ask the spa if you can have some champagne while you get pampered.

Then, at night, go out with your partner or your girlfriends to a salsa club!

spend most of the time with ur husband and kids
cut the cake and with ur kids
but clebrate ur birthday by helping orphans
give food or money or colths to orphans it makes u more happy on your birthday
we can enjoy daily inmany ways but the orphans feel happy on ur birthday
advanced happy birthday wishes to u

get strippers and balloons

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