All right, so I’m planning a Fear Factor themed birthday party for my 8 year old son. Any food suggestions?!

Question: All right, so I’m planning a Fear Factor themed birthday party for my 8 year old son. Any food suggestions?
I've asked everyone who is attending what their food allergies are, and they've all told me that they have none. Can you think of any food that looks gross, but tastes delicious (and preferably is healthy)? If so could you also give me the recipes? All your help is greatly appreciated! :D


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Sweetbreads- they look gross but if they are cooked right they taste wonderful! This is a really nice recipe…

You could get gummy worms wet and the put them in a bowl with pudding and have kids blindfolded reach in and eat the gummy worms thinking they were real. (All hands should be thoroughly washed before doing any food challenges like this).

How about using raisins in something to make it feel like "ants"--chocolate covered raisins even better.

Spider cupcakes: Cut bottom off of cup cakes and scoop out some of inside and fill with green or red tinted cool whip. Then put bottom back on and add icing. Use licorice for legs and mini MMs for eyes. Pretty gross looking when the kids take a bite out and the filling oozes out.

Set up stations with the gross foods (give them gross names) & number each station......have kids roll the dice and whatever number it is, that's what they have to eat.

more ideas: 1)Dead mice(gummy candy in the shape of a mouse) 2)Dog food (coco puffs) 3) fish heart ( cut up canned cranberry) 4) lizard brains (brain shaped gummy candy from Oriental Trading) 5) eyeballs (candy from Oriental Trading).

Have a relay : divide into 3 teams: One person at a time from each group would: run up to a chair and sit on a whoopie cushion then they run about three feet and put on some rubber gloves that are filled with lotion. While wearing the lotion filled gloves the kids throw a water balloon at a card board target (each team has a Dad holding their target so kids can see the dads dodging the poorly thrown water balloons!) After throwing the water balloon the kids chew up a marshmallow and before swallowing it open their mouth and show the chewed marshmallow to the next person on their team. Then it's that next persons turn to run the relay course.

Get some great party plans for Fear Factor for Kids from looking at these>>…

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