Need some fun dinner ideas for kids...?!

Question: Need some fun dinner ideas for kids...?
My boyfriend is coming over with his two kids this weekend. They will be joining myself and my daughter for dinner..I need some ideas for foods that the kids may enjoy. THe kids are 5, 5, and 8. Any ideas (besides hot dogs, I made weiner winks for them before..)
Thank you!


Make your own pizza! It's easy and kids love to add their own toppings before you bake them. If you're not up to making the pizza dough yourself then you can buy the dough and just add the toppings.

Kids absolutely love any small foods. Try to make minituare (spelling?) pigs in a blanket, or corndogs instead of hotdogs. This is a really good one. Small pizza slices, small burgers (this one is really good, any time we went on vacation I'd buy mini burgers until I puked as a kid), or special foods that can be smothered with honey. Like cooked carrots. (However, this should only be applied if you are looking to make healthy stuff too.)

Macaroni and cheese.
Chicken strips and mashed potatoes.
Corn dogs.

Mother of 2

Ham and Cheese croissants ( the croissants that Pillsbury makes) Kids love them and you can get them to help... But most of all EASY!

Mom for over 22 years, also a nanny

Burgers and chips :)

heat up some sauce with your favorite type of pasta

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