What are funny things to write on a birthday cake?!

Question: What are funny things to write on a birthday cake?
Okay so my sister is turning 23 tomorrow, and she wants me to bake her a cake. I don't wanna just put happy birthday lauren ! Or whatever. I wanna do something funny?

Any ideas?


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Do a cake up in something from her childhood era, favorite dolls, cartoons, etc. "Never too old."

You could really over decorate the cake and make it full of chocolate sprinkles, toffee shards and everything, and write: "Some things in life are worth over doing-like your Birthday! Happy birthday Lauren!" Or something like that. Wish her Happy B'day from me ! :)

Bake a cookie cake instead...then write: Happy Birthday to One Smart Cookie from another!

Write "Congrats on the sex! Just kidding, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

put on the cake "you adopted!!"

Congrats! You're half way to middle age!

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