14th Bday. Need Help. ASAP?!

Question: 14th Bday. Need Help. ASAP?
My Bday on Maarch 11th. My mum said I can have a party, but I dont know what to do. I want to have the party at my house but my mum says that we dont have anything that we can do. What are some ideas as to what I could do for my Bday Party or What I can do at home.
( I dont want to have a themed party or a pool party :/ )
Also Im going to have about 10-20 friends.
Thnx soo much :))


Have a posh party. Everybody have fake martini in a plastic martini cup.
It won't cause heaps of messes but it is seriously really fun.
It is relaxing really relaxing. Pool parties are totally over rated

Maybe you guys can go to the beach if there is one around? Out to dinner? A roller skating rink? Or you could just have a DJ in your house, set up food everywhere, dance and have a good time? Just some ideas. Hope I helped, have fun :)

For my 14th bday I had a bunch of friends sleep over. I don't have much to do at my house either but when you have a lot of friends over it is a blast

Go to one of those places where all of the walls are covered in trampolines. Like this place.


I've been, it's really fun.

A sleepover maybe? Not sure. Btw, happy early bday! :D I'm turning 14 on Feb 28.

Go to the movies or like on a day out with your friends

If you like the MAINSTREAM music of today, you are a poser!

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