Birthday Party Party Bag? Help! URGENT!!!?!

Question: Birthday Party Party Bag? Help! URGENT!!!?
Ok...I am having a party and to make it a nice finish at the end, I want to give out party bags to the 7 friends that turn up. Unfortunately, 2 of my friends have a severe anaphilactic reaction to peanuts, seasame, and nuts in general. They are also allergic to anything that has traces of nuts and I don't want them to get left out when it comes to a party bag. I already have a nut-free cake recipe, and the actual bags, but I don't know what to put in them. Any easy-accessible lollies without nuts and traces? Or other things like poppers? I'm out of ideas and I need help! Any suggestion is welcome!
Thanks :)


You could give out..
- Lollipops
- A bag of Skittles
- Starbursts
- Individually wrapped baked goods
- Tin of mints (like Altoids)

Just check the label before you give them out. Nowadays, all foods have "May contain trace of peanuts" warnings.

Non food items could be:
- Lotions
- Nail Polish
- Noisemakers
- Bouncy balls (believe - it or not- they're fun at any age)
- Nail files
- Hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works

Hope this helps!

So many kids have nut allergies now that most lollies will have "warning" labels on them - look for things that are individually wrapped such as a lolliepop!

BUT... my kids have been given these non-lollie things and all go down well
~ Bubbles
~ Helium Balloons
~ Stickers/Colouring book/ Crayons
~ Pirate eye patch and Pirate Hat
~ Bath things (Bath fizz bombs and Bubble bath)

Enjoy the party :)

Yeah, normally dum-dums would be good, or maybe smarties. If you really want, you could get some of those "Assorted Nuts" cans that have the snakes that spring out.

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