what to do for my 15th birthday party?!

Question: What to do for my 15th birthday party?
my 15th birthday is coming up and I don't know what to do. I want to make it big because no ones been to a good party lately.

- it cant cost to much
-probably boys and girls


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pizza party, bowling (but go as a group rather than reserve for a party, it's much cheaper) laser tag dave & busters etc. there are plenty of places to go. Do a google search for places to have parties happy birthday.!

It would be hard to do something with a big group of friends with not alot of money but a few of your closes friends would be good. I would suggest searching the web for group and students discount specials, coupons or discount codes for places around your area. Call places your interested in going (movie theather, arcade, laser tag, bowling alley, resturant, etc.) and see if they have any deals going on or will be having in the near future. Some places give student discount, do daily specials or early bird specials. Good Luck and Happy Birthday.

If you live somewhere warm have it at the beach. You can have it like from 7-11 or lateer at night. You should bring your ipod, a speaker, a habachi grill(like $30-$60) and you can make a huge bon fire and just have people dancing and stuff. Make sure you have tabled out for food and drinks, and i dont know how much this would cost but get a HUGE plywood board to put on the sand as a dancefloor. If you can afford a text to put over everything thatd be cool. you could hane tons of christmas lights on it. and in the sand you can put tiki's or just place candles in the sand
hope i helped!

Masquerade Ball!

Clean out your grange. Put a table with food and music on it! Have lights. Make/Buy mask for decorations.

garden party

get your mates to bring tents bbq some marmellows and stuff have a good giggle

my favorite garden party

go out with your fiends to a move and to eat

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