help, and questions about throwing a themed party...(for adults)?!

Question: Help, and questions about throwing a themed party...(for adults)?
ok, so im throwing my husband a surprise party for his 27th birthday in may. i really want to do a theme type party for him. According to every site on the internet, as well as everyone i talk to the most popular party theme is "pimps & hoes, playas, and hustlers"
ya, sounds crazy, but also sounds like a lot of fun...i have rented a huge house on the beach, and 6-7 of his close friends are helping me get everything ready and the invites out. im looking at between 40-60 people being invited. maybe more..
ok, so here is where i need your help.....
I need help with decorating!!
im really surprised that this theme is sooo popular, yet there is hardly anything in the way of specific decorations, or ideas for decorating.
as far as basic things you could think about like individual "pimp cups" and fake gold $ chains for party favores, im left clueless...
any ideas, or better yet any websites that have decorations that would fit this theme, i wanna go all out, spare no expence,i have explored all the popular, and most visited sites like partycity, and Oriental trading...nothing.
i have had Absolutely NO trouble finding party supplies sites with theme decorations, BUT none of them have the theme i need.......please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks ashp.xoxo


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Here are some party theme ideas:

Anything But Clothes
Around the World
CEOs & Office Hoes
Graffiti Party
I'm Glad I'm Not..
Midsummer Nights Dream
Rubik's Cube
Seven Deadly Sins

Attached is a link to 60+ theme party ideas. I hope this helps you!

fake gold coins, cheap panties hung around, lipstic as party favors, boas, bunny ears, beads like from mardis gras, top hats, canes, fake grills like in fifty cent machines, bug fake rings, pink champeign,

swingers party

I would suggest a different theme. I wouldn't want my wife throwing me a "pimps & hoes" party. You can still throw a sexy party. You said you've rented a beach house. Maybe have a Hawaiian themed party. That would be hot, but nicer.

For one of my birthdays, my friends brought out a massive cake. My wife then jumped out of the cake wearing a bikini. She then picked up a microphone and sang "happy birthday" to me, then hugged me and kissed me while everyone clapped (my wife then put her clothes back on for the rest of the party haha!). That was a lovely birthday.

I hope your husband's party goes well.

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