What kind of birthday party should i have?!

Question: What kind of birthday party should i have?
I turn 14 in march and i want to have a small party with like 5 or 6 of my close friends. For the past 2 years ive had AMAZING parties and my friends loved them so much. I don't wanna do the same thing again though...but i live next to a golf course which we all love to run around on at night. Any ideas?


You should have a sleepover with your 5-6 friends! Tell them to come over around 5 maybe. Have pizza or chicken&fries or pasta for dinner. Then have cake and ice cream. By the time your all digested it should be around 7ish. Then when it gets dark go outside and play manhunt! It's like hide and seek in the dark it's so much funnnn (: Me and my friends always have A BLAST playing that!
You could also play clicker flicker. What you do is you take your TV remote and you all go outside. Have about 2 or 3 people go up to a random house and peek in the window. If you see a TV on and someone's watching it then point the remote in the window and change the channels! Hahaahahah it's so much fun! Take turns going up too :) It's the funnest when the old grouch comes outside and looks around and then you have to run and hide! So much fun, you'll have a blast!<3
Then at night you can watch movies or play truth or dare or something. The next morning have donuts or muffins for breakfast and have them leave around 11 :)
It migh sound lame but i've been to/hosted a LOT of parties like this and they are SO much fun!
Good luck! :D

Turning 15 soon

Do a Harry Potter part. I live on a golf course too (well not on, but ya know its in my neighborhood) and HP would be an awesome thing to do. My 18th is less than two months away and it will be HP. : D

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