how do i throw a huge house party?!

Question: How do i throw a huge house party?
so yeah me and my best friend decided we wanted to throw one. problem is, we are not that popular. so how do we accomplish this?


lnvite everyone you know on facebook all your friends,there friends,people you been wanting to meet but never had a reason(here it is) maybe make flyers of tha party and hand them out...decorate tha house kinda like a club..strob lights,disco lights w/all tha lights off,maybe sum streamers and balloons everywhere..also have a mini buffet of finger food(pizza rolls,taquitos,chips,dip,wings,mini burgers,mini sandwiches,jalapeno poppers etc..) coolers full of refreshments n alcohol) have loud music playn(make ur own party cd mixes and let them play, if u cant get a dj) and walk around handing out jello shots,.go crazy,dance,have fun and juss enjoy urself..and itll all follow...

If its really what you want...
The biggest house parties are events on Facebook. Invite all your friends, and your friends will invite their friends, and voila. Huge house party. It will get out of hand, though. Good luck.

Eat Pickles 8)

Put a sign outside the door saying free beer for all. :>)

Have alot of hot guys and musci And some drike

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