I REALLY need birthday party ideas!?!

Question: I REALLY need birthday party ideas!?
Hi, I am going to be 14, I want a fare amount of friends, it's in March, and around here, Hotels don't host parties. My house isn't big, and it isn't small. We can't do anything outside. Any weather permitable possible ideas? Please and Thank You!


My 16 yr old brother just had a rave party for his birthday. My dad cleaned out their 2-car garage and hung up big black tarps all over the walls (but you could use any color vinyl tablecloths- like $1 each at Walmart or a dollar store). then he brought chairs and a table and some futons for people to sit on. he hung a disco ball, strobe light, black lights, and one of those crazy color strobe things (all rented from party stores for cheap). My brother ordereda bunch of pizzas, bought glow-in-the-dark straws from Oriental Trading Company for everyone's sodas, and had chips and dip. evryone was given glow sticks, glow necklaces, and bright colored silly string when they arrived. I tink he bought some black light markers, too, because they were all glowing with writing. pretty awesome. and pretty inexpensive.
for my kids party ideas, I browse http://www.birthdaypartyideas.com then click on "the BIG list" for a list of all themes. they have adult themes, too, so it's not all Spongebob and Disney Princess stuff. have a great birthday!

browse here for a bit


Go bowling.=)

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