how should I present my cake?!?!

Question: How should I present my cake?!?
Okay, so me and a friend decided we would be making a nice surprise cake for her dad's b-day, it's all made now, should we present it to him? We're going to give it to him after dinner, but we just don't know how to, or really what it should be like...? We want it to be something creative, so that he doesn't know we are about to bring out a cake. Help ASAP? Thanks in advance!


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This idea is kinda stupid..but your friend should leave the cake at the doorstep knock and run away...then have your dad go answer and then your friend should jump out of the bushes and be all like..."WE MADE THIS FOR YOU!"
Yes I know it's stupid..but that's what I came up with. I'm sure other people will be FAR more creative then me...but hey what can ya do?

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