What to do at an all nighter for fun?!

Question: What to do at an all nighter for fun?
I'm alone doing an all nighter. I'm doing no work (which apparently an all nighter is when you stay up all night to do work. My version is when i stay up for a long time at least until the sun comes up). I'm 13 and heres the things i have in my room:
iPod touch
iPod dock to play music and charge it

I put ice in the freezer for ice water to splash my face with. I'm going to drink orange soda and eat cookies. so my questions are:

What can I do?
What should I do to stay awake?
Should I drink soda or water?

I CAN'T drink ENERGY DRINKS! So yeah... I can't go downstairs starting from 11 pm. I can bring the playstation into my room and watch movies and play games. Please don't say that an all nighter isn't when you plan or that it's lame. I'm a planning person. And not like it's any of your buisness but I've never pulled off an all nighter. I know it's sad. So yeah... umm bye i guess


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Don't drink soda, it makes you more thirsty.
Scarf fights. lol. uhm, strobe lights!!!
loud music, dance, watch tv, prank calls, stuff. D:

Watch a movie and eat popcorn! If you don't have a movie, watch it online! Play music and dance! Give yourself a makeover- Curl your hair, put on lots of makeup, dress up! Take some pictures! Read a good book. I suggest you do this early on, however, or you might fall asleep. Make a bracelet, draw, maybe internet chat with a friend who is also going to stay up!

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