Help planning a huge sweet 16?!

Question: Help planning a huge sweet 16?
*This question was posted earlier on another account and this is more of the revised version :)*

My 16th birthday is in November of this year. My dad is Scott Davis (most people don't know who he is but he's the CEO of a billion dollar corporation lets just say that). Anyway funds are not really an issue. I am a super girly girl I love bold colors, neon, anything thats bold and fun I pretty much enjoy. I want to have a live music act but I don't know who I would like to to book any suggestions? Please do not say Justin Bieber because I am not a fan.

Anyway I am open to pretty much any suggestions :) thanks in advance and have a great day/night


Lucky you, it was my 16th last november and guess what i got? Yep, not a lot. Anyways, sean kingston or nicki minaj or someone like that..have fun.

you said you like neon colours, you could do like a rave theme, minus the drugs and alcohol of course. get a dj to play techno if your a fan, and have everything really colourful.
if that theme doesn't work for you, then for your Girl girl side, you could do a candy land theme,

make sure you have some grand entrance, good food, a really nice dress
watch the mtv show my super sweet sixteen

You're so lucky! I think you should get a red velvet cake! And just choose whatever you want!
If I were you, I would get a really pretty dress! Also, I would have MGMT play at my birthday if they agreed, I would feel so embarrassed though!
For my sweet sixteen, I got 16 dollars!

Is he the CEO of UPS?

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