How to throw a great house party and not have alcohol?!

Question: How to throw a great house party and not have alcohol?
its my 16th this year and my parents are strict and wont let me have alcohol but i still want a massive party at my house :) so far this guest list is fairly big and obviously its girls and boys but i just want some more ideas about how it can be awesome without having alcohol.

so far my ideas are have a small fire (it wont be fire season then) and heaps of food and drink have dance songs playing over the speakers and im just worried that it will get boring after a couple hours.


A friend of mine had this same problem. Instead of getting drunk, they decided to try and get hyper. So it was Red bull shots with sherbet around the rims, candy and sugary treats, lots of sweet foods, coke mixed with monster, etc.

Made them feel really excited and they all had a fun time. Even had a sugar hangover the next day haha.

First off, if your guest list comprises of fellow teenagers who can't have a good time without alcohol then you are doomed. Getting buzzed isn't necessary to having a good time.

So, lots of good food (fruits, veggies, meats, popcorn, pretzel, etc.), drinks (fizzy & juice), songs (just dance songs? maybe you can vary it; songs to rock to, songs to listen), games (board/lawn/make up your own and award silly prizes)...

It is your friends and the atmosphere that make the party fun. No alcohol is needed for a good time.

just have a party with fake alcohol and then see who acts drunk :L

ahah i agree with katie

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