Need help with food for a princess party?!

Question: Need help with food for a princess party?
so i'm throwing a 3rd birthday party for my niece and its a princess theme. we want to make foods with themes too. so i had a couple ideas like snow white's candy apples and pocahatas corn bread. stuff like that. can anyone think of more ideas that have to do with the disney princess?


Cinderella: lollipops (glass slipper)

Tinkerbell: Little cupcakes

Snow white: candy apples

Jasmine: Flying carpets ( cookie bars)

Rapunzel: licorice wigs

You can go with Cupcakes from Alice in Wonderland (Take One, Choose One, etc. You may want to avoid writing "Eat Me" on any of them).

You can do just about any food and give it a "Disney" spin. PLEASE, do not do any kind of seafood and try a Little Mermaid theme. I have a friend who did that and ended up with a group of crying 4 year olds who thought she had cooked Ariel's friends.

Ariel- dessert sushi! (small rice krispy bar rectangles and circles wrapped in green fruit by the foot and gummy fish, find pics online)

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