what is your favourite party food ?!

Question: What is your favourite party food ?
having a party wondering what to make ? what your favourite ?


Mini Pizzas, cheesecake, pavlova, coke, marshmallows :P

Toasted warm turkish bread and dip in Olive oil, Sundried tomato; Basil and parmesan tapenade. Seriously tasty!

oh and nachos with cheese and avocado/salsa dip, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum

Lil smokie sausages in BBQ sauce, meatballs in gravy or a cheese based sauce, shish kabobs, green bean wraps, stuffed mushrooms, crab rolls, iced boiled shrimp, stuffed cherry tomatoes, homemade deluxe chicken salad, various cold and hot dips, chips, crackers, breads...just a few ideas and things I make regularly...hope this helps!!

Cream cheese stuffed Jalapeno's wrapped in bacon. preheat oven to 350. You'll need 18 peppers. Pop of stems...slice pepper's length wise..dig out seeds and membrane's..stuff with some cream cheese...wrap a slice of bacon around each of them(i usually try to tuck the it into the cream chese to hold it in place)...place on a broiler pan(so the grease can drain off) bake for @35 minutes...broil the last 5 minutes until bacon is crispy. These are sooo good. If you don't like them hot be sure to remove all traces of seeds and white membrane. also...wear gloves or put plastic baggies over your hands while removing insides.

chips and dip, cheese and crackers, deviled eggs(: and everyone loves pizza!

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