birthday party ideas ?!

Question: Birthday party ideas ?
Im a 15 year old girl, and i'm looking for a birthday party idea to do. i live in winnipeg, and im expecting about 8-10 people including myself. It also needs to be out of the house activitys! also my birthday is in april and its going to be rainy and wet outside. please give more then one idea!?


scavenger hunt (at the mall, around your city if you can drive or anywhere really)

Get your hair done, cosmotology schools will usually do birthday parties cheap

rent out a theater (like, one screen room of it, at a small theater) and play your favorite movie

get a hotel room at a hotel with a pool and have a pool party

true no1 throws partys anymore
pretty much get togthers

Who has birthday parties anymore...after the age of 2 that tradition came to an end for me.

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