Looking for birthday party ideas/themes for 1st birthday!?!

Question: Looking for birthday party ideas/themes for 1st birthday!?
My daughter will have her first birthday in December, and I'd like to do something unique for a theme...any suggestions?


your child was born the year of the dog, so you may want to do some cute dog theme. my daughter was born the year of the lamb (ram to some) so i did a cute lamb theme for her first birthday. i also get my cakes from a local grocery store, and they were able to match the lamb that was on my invitations. it was great! - my reasoning for doing this is because she was so young, i wasn't getting any "requests" for a certain theme..... so i was left to my own devices....

if there is going to be any older kids coming, you can always hire a clown, and do a big top theme....

i remember a friend of mine hired an elmo for her daughters first birthday (maybe second, i can't quite remember) and the elmo scared my daughter. needless to say, my daughter would not go near the elmo....

also, keep in mind, she is only 1.....

Wow, her first birthday. That's exciting :)
I've always thought that having a safari birthday party would be fun. Get plates, cups and napkins with safari themed print. Also get streamers, balloons and other decorations that match the colors of the dinnerware. If she has any, place safari animals around the house. For the cake, get it in the shape of a monkey, tiger, lion or other wild animal. If there are going to be older kids at that party, have a zebra, monkey or cheetah pinata. If there won't be, you can leave that out. You can also purchase face paint and paint the kid's faces like safari animals. For gift bags, give out safari-themed bags with candy, safari stickers and animal toys. Here are some cute things you can purchase for it:http://www.1stwishes.com/Safari-Friends-…

If you don't want to do a safari party, maybe you could do a princess-themed party. Have all the guests dress up like their favorite princess or prince: even if it's just a small accessory like a crown. Purchase unicorns, tiaras, etc from a local craft store and everyone can paint them. Decorate the place with lots of pink and gold streamers and balloons. You could also buy inexpensive crowns for everyone to decorate. The cake could be pink, purple and gold.

Hope this helps!

My husband and I just want to our friends daughter's first birthday (this past saturday) and everything from the invitation to the cake was DISNEY PRINCESS THEME, specifically Belle, Snow White and Cinderella. I wish I still had the invitation so I can read off to you the words. It was so precious. The cake, as good as it was, when I first saw it, you just don't want to mess it up at all. It had a castle on it and it was so cool. April, the mother, got these plastic pink and purple cups (the word princess was on them) and the purpose of these cups were paper weights to hold down the table cloths (the party was outside in the backyard and it was somewhat of a windy day). Even the pinata was a castle, and because this is a birthday for a 1 year old, she just had to pull some strings and all of the candy fell out.

I love disney (my picture of belle didn't give it away, did it) so I think this was a great idea, especially since this is their first child, she is a girl, so of course she (Samantha) is their princess.

We celebrated our daugter's first birthday with an inflatables party... specifically designed for 1-2 year olds. There are many companies that rent these... and she had a blast. In addition we tied it to her favorite character, which back then was, Woodie... from Toy Story!

Hope this helps!

Pick a theme you like. Keep the party to around an hour. The kid will not remember it, but will see the photos when he/she gets older. This party is more for you than for your child. Don't worry, he or she will ask for what they want soon enough :)

Do the theme on her favorite cartonn or animal and do something interesting where she can play and have fun because it will be her day

Whatever she is into! We just had my nephew's 1st birthday party last weekend and it was Mickey Mouse, since he LOVES watching Mickey's Playhouse.

you could do something like one of the televison shows she wathces or you could do a toy(s) she plays with


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