tips on throwing a crazy house party?!

Question: Tips on throwing a crazy house party?
its my 17th, a while away in july, but i already want to get sorting things out. house party. that's what im having, ive had them before, but they have always been good but just not, well crazy enough for my liking. and yes there will be alcohol (before anyone says anything, where im from in the uk, that's what we do, we get drunk underage, so please don't give me a mum knows) so yeah are there any tips? please help :)



I won't lecture you on the alcohol sinec you already said not to...

NO party is good without:

1. Good music
2. Plenty of food/drinks (non-alcholic, erhm)
3. Good people

If you want to spice it up, make sure you have a theme. Make eeryone wear a certain color or have games or come dressed up.

Happy 17th!

You may think you want 'chaos' - [I doubt it though, ] - but it should still take careful planning;…

1. Good loud bass pumping speakers with a good soundtrack.
2. table for drinking games
3. flashing lights
4. good friends
5. plastic cups

Those house parties which have been advertised on Facebook always sound crazy when they're reported in the press the day after.

Alcohol, drugs and maybe a good DJ if you can afford it. Have fun!

Yup. Just make sure that it's not in your house.

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