Planning a party, any ideas?!

Question: Planning a party, any ideas?
Hi. So, I'm trying to plan a birthday for myself. I am turning 15, I've invited around 30 of my friends, and I've just themed it "fancy dress/costume". I love to dance, so I've written on the invite, "come with your dancing shoes on", hoping that people will dance. It's going for four hours. There are only like, 5 guys invited, and the rest girls (I don't have many guy friends). I don't drink, and it's strictly no-alcohol. I'm just freaking out that it will be extremely lame and people will get bored or whatever. I don't want to play any kiddy games, or stupid games.
If you have any suggestions about what to do, games to do, whatever, that would be a real big help!
Thanks heaps.


Have lots of balloons and everyone will accidentley pop them and start convos. Have silly competions like stupidest costume, worst dancer and stuff like that. Have lots of cool music. ask some of your best friends round before hand to help decorate that'll start convos. Spin The Bottle. Don't have fake alcohol or whatever because that'll remind people that there isn't any alcholic drinks. Hope This Helps.

Well honestly if you are going to have a themed party with everybody dressed crazily don't expect them just to dance and eat it will turn into something childish.
Why don't go for a more mature approach and attend a restaurant or revamp it into a dinner party (a very posh one too).

you should have cool food that's not little kiddish but not boring. I honestly don't think people will get board if u have stuff 2 talk bout I usually can always find something 2 talk bout when im with my friends

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